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How to use it
Welcome to presetDj (preset deejay), a very amazing new way of software deejaying.

presetDj is a super simple dj-solution available for Mac OS X.
Easy to use, no special features, no mindless hardware clone.
Drag files from Finder or iTunes, arrange them, play them.

presetDj is easy:

1. Drag and drop MP3 or AAC files into the tracks
2. Arrange them, define in and out points, make fade-ins, fade-outs
Preview any part of your arrangement on a seperate audio device while playing.
3. Push the play button
4. Drag and drop additional files, arrange them, drag and drop more files .....

presetDj is mighty:

5. Falling asleep after deejaying 12 hours
6. Someone saved the playlist.

2015-01-30 presetDj v. 1.4
Added drop support for .m4a, tested on 10.9.5 + itunes 12
Universal Binary
2013-08-30 presetDj v. 1.3 PPC
Brought back PPC Version
2009-10-20 presetDj v. 1.3 few updates
Added a Drop Preview Window, better drag and drop from iTunes
2008-7-28 presetDj v. 1.2 freeware release.
2006-10-19 presetDj v. 1.1 Universal Binary.
2006-08-8 presetDj v. 1.0 initial release.
2006-07-17 presetDj v. 0.9.4 Beta for Mac OS X 10.3 or later.
If there are enough people interested in buying a WinXP version, tell me